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ttributed Huaw〓ei's strong re◆sults oversea●s over the qua■rter to the succes●s of its P20 as we?/p>
rket share●,


鬺l as Honor brands■. It said Huawei s●hipped near■ly 4 millio○n Honor-branded sm●artphones outs●ide of Chi●na for the q●uarter, re〓gistering a 150 ■percent year-o〓n-year incre●ase.Huawei's dom〓estic market sh◆are also register●ed a significant ■increase in◆ the

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quarter, up ◆from 6 per●cent to a r◆ecord 27 percent, a●ccording to Cana●lys.Huawei's promi〓nenc

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e comes■ amid a global decli〓ne of smartphone de■mands. IDC figur〓es said that t●here was a 1.8 perce●nt a

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nnual decline of○ the smartphone mar●ket for the June〓 quarter.Data from ○several ot●her research firms◆ including ●Counter

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point〓 Research 〓and IHS Markit● also confirmed H○uawei's global num◆ber-two position f○or the quarter.P○lease scan the

QR Co○de to follow 〓us on Instagr■amPlease scan the◆ QR Code t○o follow us on Wec●hatHuawei inch○es closer to Apple i◆n smartphone sh〓ipmentsHuawei in○ches close◆r to Apple in smar■tphone shipm●entsHuawei ◆inches closer to Ap●ple in smart◆phone shipme

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nts06-06●-2018 18:40 BJ◆THuawei Technolog〓ies Co Ltd said on● Wednesday that it ○will ship nearly 20■0 million units of ●smartphones this ye●ar, close to■ its arch rival A○pple's 200 to 210?/p>

? Ann Johnson

?million annual ●shipments.Yu○ Chengdong,◆ CEO of Huawei's con◆sumer business grou○p, said "We will ●ship about 200 mil〓lion units of smar●tphones this● year, up f〓rom 153 million u◆

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nits last year○, thanks to ◆the growing populari〓ty oversea●s."On Wednesday,● Huawei also u■nveiled a n●ew technolo○gy which it◆ claimed can boo○st smartphones' im◆age processin〓g efficiency ●by 60 percent whil○e lowering ●down chip en◆ergy consumption◆ by 30 per●cent.Yu said 〓GPU Turbo, as◆ the new t●echnology is called,〓 is part o○f Huawei's int■ensified push ◆to beef up spendi○ng on resea●rch and developm〓ent. "GPU Turbo○ can help our l●ow-to-middle◆-range smart■phones to have th○e performance roughl○y as good a●s rivals' prem■iu

m devices," h■e added.In the firs〓t quarter of 2018, H●uawei shipped○ 39.3 million un●its of sma■rtphones worldwid■e, with its〓 global marke●t share hitting a ne■w high of 11○.8 percent. Hu〓awei has m○aintained t○he line between k■eeping a strong d■omestic position○ while slowly ◆upscaling ●its brand image in i●nternation●al markets with divi○dends paying off ■as its growth ra◆te reached 13.8 ●percent ye〓ar over year, beati■ng the global○ average of◆ 2.9 percent declin■e, accordin●g to market researc〓h company Internatio◆nal Data Corp.

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◆"Outside of China, H●

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uawei is growing ●and gaining m

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arket■ share acr〓oss the

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Wester■n Europe region◆,

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an otherwise de◆clining market, ◆and is particul○arly strong in Spain●, Germany, and It○aly," IDC said◆ in a res

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ear○ch note.Accor◆ding to IDC, though 〓Huawei's hig●h-end smartpho〓nes are popul◆ar in China, the bu■lk of its

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shipmen○ts are of the mor■e affordable c◆lass of smartphones◆, and it also ●introduced a f〓ew new models in■ th

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e low-end and m〓id-range seg●ments. That is in■ part why Huawei〓 introduced the 〓GPU Turbo techn■ology to optim?/p>

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餴ze its cost●-effective handsets●.Please scan the◆ QR Code to fol●low us on Instagra●mPlease scan the QR ●Code

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to fo〓llow us on ■WechatLenov■o rebuts rumo●r it faile○d to back Hua〓wei on 5G i●ssuesLenovo reb◆uts rumor it

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●failed to ●back Huawei on ●5G issuesLenovo reb●uts rumor it failed■ to back Huawei on■ 5G issues〓05-18-2018 08:53○ BJTChinese ○computer maker〓 Lenovo Group issued○ an internal◆ letter on Wedn〓esday rebutting ○the market rumor◆ that it faile■d to back Chines○e telecom company ●Huawei in ●setting gl○obal standar●ds for the fifth gen●eration mobile com○

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munications technolo■gy.The move ca■me amid inte■nsified competiti●on among countr◆ies for a big■ger say in developi○ng 5G servi■ce. The fir○st version ●of standard〓s is expect〓ed to come ■out next month, la○ying a foundati●on for glob◆al companies〓 to begin buildi○ng large-scale 5G n●etworks.Lenovo fou〓nder Liu Chuanz●hi said in

GBrand Creation

■ the letter the co〓mpany backed○ tech giant Huawei'■s proposals for 5G■ standards○ in the final r■ound of voting. ●"Chinese bu●sinesses sho〓uld unite and br○ush aside a■ttempts to sow disco●rd," Liu added.His◆ comments came ami◆d the market rumor t■hat Lenovo vo〓ted in fav●o

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r of the Un〓ited States〓 tech company Q◆ualcomm against● Huawei rega■rding a key te●chnology sta●ndard for ■5G. The new, su●perfast tec○hnology will a〓llow consumers to〓 download ●an 8-gigabit m◆ovie in seconds◆ and have ◆access to serv●ices like au◆tonomous cars and ●remote surgery.Indu●stry analys○ts say the dispute ○highlights how im○portant it is?/p>

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?to gain gr●eater say in f◆inalizing 5〓G standards, ◆as economi●es scrambl●e for a beachh◆ead.On Thursday, the〓 Ministry o■f Industry an○d Information Tec■hnology, China○'s top industr●y regulator〓, and the State●-owned Asset●s Supervision and ●Administration Commi■ssion lau


nched a gu〓ideline to accelerat●e steps to p〓romote 5G and its ap■plication ◆in industri◆es."This year, C〓hina will ●promote key tel○ecom progr〓ams, including fi●nishing third-phase○ tests on ●5G," the guideli◆ne said."The more● technical pr■oposals for

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f global 5G standa■rds depends largely ○on competition am○ong China, t〓he US and Eu■rope, he said. As do■mestic compa○nies like Hua●wei and China Mo◆bile evolve i●nto pioneers in the● telecom arena●, China is likel■y to play a ○more significant r○ole.The Chin■ese government atta●ches high importan■ce to 5G, which ●will also spa●rk a faster rollou○t, Xiang added.○The country has a●lready

had 〓a string of ach◆ievements in 5G. Las○t year, China Mo●bile outgunned f○oreign rivals to lea■d the globa〓l 5G System ○Architecture proj●ect, which will ●determine 5G netwo●rks' struct◆ure.The nation also◆ established the ○world's large〓st 5G test fiel■d in Beijing's Huai●rou district, wher○e domestic firms◆ and a string of fo◆reign tech companie●s are participat●ing in China's thir○d phase of 5G tests●.Chi

na lagged b◆ehind other◆ countries i○n building 4G ◆and 3G net●works. But ■with 5G, it is racin●g ahead in re◆search and developm〓ent, as well as t●rial application◆s, said Wang Zhi◆qin, vice-president○ of the Ch◆ina Academy o●f Information and ●Communicat〓ions Technology.T○he country is 〓likely to issue 5G l○icenses to te○lecom carriers◆ in the second hal●f

of next ye○ar at the ●earliest an○d will be among the ◆first to issue 5G li■censes in the world◆, she said■.The market ◆size of China's 5G i◆ndustry is expe●cted to rea●ch 1.15 trillio○n yuan ($180.6 bil■lion) by 2026●, 50 percent hi■gher than its 4G m●arket, according t●o CCID Consulti●ng.Please sc●an the QR Code to○ follow us on Insta◆gramPlease scan the 〓QR Code to fol◆low us on WechatHua●wei presents i●nno

vative technolog●ies to Romanian p■ublicHuawei presents〓 innovative te●chnologies to Roman〓ian publicHuawei pr■esents innovat○ive technologies to ■Romanian public●05-12-2018● 13:09 BJTBUCHAREST ◆-- Chinese tel◆ecom giant Huawe●i presented this ○week to Romania〓n public i●ts visions towar●d the global〓 technologie●s of the future, 〓under the t●heme "The ca●ravan of innova◆tive technologi

es," ◆attracting peop●le and compani●es willing to a●djust to futur○e technologies.●Huawei aims to 〓present its inno◆vative technologi〓es displayed a〓t the Mobile World● Congress 2018〓 in Barcelo●na, includin〓g 5G solutions, All ●Cloud Netw●ork Towards 5G, Clo●ud and Networ◆k Synergy Emp■owers B2B and IoT ■as a service, Bill 〓Liu, a Huawei s◆enior accoun●t manager, told Xinh○ua on Friday."We● bring this show h

er●e and to ge■t this techn〓ology in Romania◆. We provided some〓 highlighted solutio●ns here for the Rom○anian marke◆t and to see wher●e the Romania tel●ecom market and ent〓erprises are go◆ing in the future,〓" added Liu.The■ Romanian companie■s were intere●sted in the f●uturistic off●er because th○ere is an ecos●ystem that wor●ks from the ○point of view o◆f t

echnology, sa〓id Huawei represent■ative Vlad Doic●aru, adding that "th〓ere are deman●ds from the Roman〓ia market because t◆here are more and 〓more technologies t〓hat will require th●e function●alities of the 5G te●chnologies, as ○we can offer〓 them virtual realit○y, artificial i○ntelligence, al●l kinds of app■lications."Th●e public wa●s also att●racted by the new◆ Huawei P20 smartp●hones. "I think tho■se might

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be the bes●t Android smartphone■s of 2018, es●pecially P■20 Pro wit●h its triple◆ camera which was ○a revelation," sa●id Andrei Ionesc●u, a young visit●or.According◆ to a GfK stud◆y, the Romanian ■smartphone market◆ was booming last〓 year with a 3●9 percent ri●se on the tel◆ecom sector. But the● market's ten○dency evolved toward○s better-performing〓 devices. "

Product〓s in the middle and〓 upper price◆ classes, as we○ll as those with a d●iagonal of o○ver 5 inches, ■recorded signi●ficant increases," n○oted GfK.The in◆novative technol〓ogies displayed by ○Huawei received ◆a strong inte●rest from the● utilities compani●es, like the gas o●r electricity di■stributors■, noted Doicaru.Ple●ase scan the● QR Code to follow■ us

on Instagr●amPlease scan◆ the QR Code to fo●llow us on WechatHua●wei responds to US◆ market exit rumorH〓uawei responds to U●S market exit rumorH〓uawei responds to U◆S market exit rum●or04-24-2018 09:36◆ BJTChinese telecom 〓Huawei on Sun●day responde○d to rumors of it〓s withdrawal● from the U.S○. market after it w○as accused by U.S.〓 authorities● of conducting○

“corpora●te espionage&rdquo○;.Following● Trump administrat●ion’s ratc●heting up effo●rts to hinder Chine●se high-tech compa〓nies’ access t◆o the U.S. ■market, Huaw○ei, the world&rsqu●o;s largest te◆lecom equip○ment supplier, has○ bogged down● in constant Si○no-US finger point◆ing and has been● reportedly plannin■g to exclude U.S. ma〓rket from

its gr■and global developme■nt strategy.Ac●cording to an ana●lysis releas◆ed by Forbes〓 in April, Hua●wei is beli●eved to per〓manently shut● down its U.S. ◆operations sell○ing telecommunica●tion equipment■, despite the fact t◆hat it sti◆ll has pla●ns to launch its 〓latest MediaPad An○droid tablet ■and Matebook X P〓ro Windows la◆ptop in the U.S.Su■ch opinion○

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is also shared by T●he New York Times, ●which in its ●April commentary● projected Huawei&rs■quo;s possible ret●reat from the U.S●. market, as the f●ormer’s u〓nremitting attempts● to thwart○ U.S. road○blocks turned out● to be fruit〓less.In respo○nse to the s◆peculation●s, Huawei told Ji○emian.com on Sunday○ that “Huawei&■rsquo;s U.●S. market d●eveloping st◆rategy should only● be subject to t

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